About ME

Hi lovely,

Welcome to my visual dreamworld. A world where I’m expressing my emotions and feelings by visualizing them, with attention to the elegance and esthetics of the female figure.


I paint strong yet sensitive women, both provocative and quirky.  I’m fascinated by human behavior and understanding why people do the things they do. Creating helps me to make sense of interesting characters I meet and the behaviors they display.
I work intuitively, which leads to me using a lot of different materials and colors. Even though the tools used may differ, the girls have one thing in common; they are proud of themselves and represent inner strength. I always imagine they have a good life, and ofcourse I hope that reflects on you as a  viewer.


Whatever you feel or see in them, I hope my girls may bring a little spark of joy, every time you look at them. It was certainly a bliss creating them. Do you want to know more about my latest collection? Click here. 


Enjoy & never stop dreaming.

Love, A.

Collaborations & media

With my art, my main goal is to empower the viewers, to see themselves as beautiful and worthy as they are. I love to work with brands and individuals that share this vision and want to create magic moments together!
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a media request, would like to talk business or drink a glass of wine…


Personal commissions

I am available for private commissions. If you’re looking for an original piece of art, I can create a special canvas or framed illustration for you or your loved ones. Specific size or color in mind? Luck you, there are no limitations in this proccess. If you tell me your story, I will do anything to create something unique.
I have limited availability for personal commissions, so please let me know in advance. Price starts at 350e. 
THe work

The Process

Annet van Belkom (1991) is a visual artist, based in Amsterdam. Working as a marketing professional for 5 years, she was always fascinated by human behavior and emotional connection.

After hitting a wall and taking a work break, she couldn’t ignore her creative side anymore. She started to re-connect with her emotions, by creating art that encourages her to accept things the way they are.

“What is art to me? Mostly fun. During my process I have no sense of time, no stress, no distractions, just the flow from that moment. I absolutely love it that art has no rules. It’s an endless series of experiments. Most of my works are about the tension between the controlled and the uncontrolled.

Sometimes I attempt to paint a controlled face but then I feel like I need to let go… and let the paint flow. In the end, the works that I’m most proud of often start life with a mistake.

Maybe a synonym for life, right?”