Hi there,

 Lovely that you’ve found your way into my visual dream world.
A world where I’m expressing my emotions and feelings by visualizing them, with attention to the elegance and esthetics of the female figure.
All the original works are handmade, using acrylic paint, oil, ink, charcoal, pencil, coffee or whatever material feels good. Some on paper, some on canvas. And mostly; with a touch of gold. 
The limited edition art prints are unique, since all the prints are hand embellished with unique details or layers of paint.
Hope you find a girl you like.

Anna X Bel



Meet the girls from the ‘Touch of Gold’ collection. Inspiration for this series comes from the earthy elements, whereas the gold represents the moon, the sun, clouds or the stars.
At night they are strong and sparkling, during daytime they bring serenity.
The gold flashes its brilliance within the slightest movement. Bring some luxury into your house, and let these girls be the golden center.
These art prints are enhanced with multiple layers of gold paint. Every print is unique and made-to-order.